Product Design

Together with Sennheiser we went on a journey into the “Gaming World”. The goal of the design development was to further develop the Sennheiser design language and apply it to the extreme area of gaming. In addition to the dynamic shape language, Sennheiser’s new gaming headsets GSP 300 & GSP 350 are characterized by a particularly robust and reliable design. The ball-and-socket joint integrated into the ear cups provides an excellent adaptation to the individual face and head shape of the user. The volume control is located on the right auricle and can be adjusted intuitively and on-the-fly. The noise canceling microphone minimizes background noise and allows crystal clear communication and full concentration during the game. To mute the boomarm, it can be simply turned upwards. With the GSP 350 you are diving even deeper into the gaming experience. The 7.1 Dolby Surround sound, which is controlled by a surround dongle (USB), brings even more realism into the game.

Sennheiser / 2016